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We Are Open and Currently Booking Inspections

We are currently performing inspections as advised by the InterNACHI Covid-19 safety guidelines. 


  • You do not to be present for the inspection, but if you wish to attend, we ask that the number of people present at the inspection be limited to the buyers.

  • If the client does not wish to be present, we will provide the client with a phone review after the inspection report is complete. 


  • During the inspection, we will maintain social distancing of 6ft at all times, and ask that all those who attend wear a face covering. 

  • Handwashing, (or sanitizing when water is not available) will be performed multiple times throughout the inspection. We will have our own towel to dry our hands.

  • The inspector will carry sanitizing wipes to wipe faucets, door handles, and other surfaces that are part of the inspection.


  • For buyer's agents, we ask that interactions be limited during this time and social distancing from inspectors and clients be maintained during the inspection.

  • For seller's agents, we ask that they refrain from being present at the time of inspection unless requested by the seller. 

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